Asian Style Umbrellas

Paper parasol with an oriental flower pattern

If you ask anyone who has a personal style that you admire, they'll tell you that it all comes down to the little things. A pair of cuff links, those one of a kind earrings or that eyeglass case that seems to draw your attention. Useful necessities are usually left behind when it comes to making a statement, so it's all the more refreshing when you notice something mundane like an umbrella, and realize that it really stands out as something special. The original Chinese paper parasol was transformed in to the modern day waterproof umbrella when lacquer was used to coat the material. Since then, the Asian umbrella has become a home decorating staple and a personal statement of style for people who want to mix practicality with individuality.

Asian umbrellas are used mostly for interior or exterior decorating, as demonstrated by the larger patio models available for protection from the sun. Chinese Saa paper, the traditional construction material, is used as a base, and designs including dragons, to represent courage and royalty, and birds, that represent enlightenment. Thai parasols are a good choice to add color to your indoor living spaces. Constructed of paper or clothe, Thai parasols could only be carried by approval of the king of Siam and represented status for the common citizen. You can select the traditional round version in bold, solid colors, or the more striking square parisol for a great conservation starter.

Japanese parasols are enjoying a resurgence as the latest fashion trend among young women who are looking to recreate history and bring Asian umbrellas back. Formerly used by middle-aged and older Japanese women to shelter them from the sun, and preserve the white skin that was the standard of beauty, younger women are now sporting a jet black, more modern version. The spiral design is the most widely recognized style of Japanese umbrella, but more ornate patterns like lotus blossoms are also popular.

Popular Oriental Umbrellas

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Red Asian Parasol Umbrella
This small oriental parasol is handmade of wood, bamboo and red sheer gauze fabric. The stem is 15" in length and the canopy has 22" diameter. Such an eye-catching umbrella will be nice as for a wedding event, so as for some Asian theme decoration.

Chinese Style Cloth Parasol
This gorgeous parasol will ideally complement any celebration in Asian style or Chinese traditional stage play. Being made of fabric instead of paper, its canopy is less prone to tearing when being opened, and a sudden rain should not be a major problem for its construction either. A parasol comes in a number of different spectacular colors and has the 22" total height with the canopy being 36" wide.

Cherry Blossom Paper Parasol
This Chinese parasol is adorned with cherry blossom tree pattern, which delicately conveys the sense of the ancient cultural tradition. It is made of paper and bamboo materials and has 33" diameter and 25" length. This item is available in assorted colors, so can be easily used as a nice and unusual sun shade.

Chinese Scalloped Paper Parasol
This one is even more distinctive thanks to the unusual scalloped shape of its 33 inch rice paper canopy, which is painted with cherry blossoms in the traditional Chinese style as well. The paper material is quite thick and adds that authentic feel to its appearance at the same time. Its 25 inch bamboo shaft ends with a carved wood handle, which feels sturdy in the hand.

Blue Japanese Parasol
This handmade parasol has 32 inch blue nylon canopy and a 22 inch bamboo shaft. This umbrella looks really pretty, and in spite of its delicate nature, it is quite durable. A nice gift for a person interested in Japanese culture, it can be used as intended or just please one's eyes as part of home decor.