Classic Rain Umbrellas

Black umbrella with wooden handle

The traditional umbrella has a reputation for professionalism, practicality, class and polish. No matter what your lifestyle, the classic umbrella will fit in perfectly with your needs and appearance when a rainstorm comes up suddenly. Whether you need to keep an umbrella on hand for staying dry in your rainy climate or just want to have one in your automobile in case of emergencies, choose an old fashioned umbrella that will serve you well in keeping up a polished appearance and keeping you dry.

For years, the umbrella has been a part of the traditional image of the businessman. Everyone remembers the old black and white photographs of streets filled with men carrying identical black umbrellas on rainy days during the stock market crash. Because of these unconscious connections, carrying a traditional umbrella adds respectability to your look, regardless of your occupation.

Besides their personal reputation, classic umbrellas are also undeniably practical. The large, no nonsense shape of the umbrella will keep you dry in all but the wildest wind storms. Rolled up, the umbrella becomes a cane that takes up little space on the floor of your car or in the coat closet. While perhaps less functional than the compact travel umbrellas when it comes to portability, the old fashioned umbrellas are often superior in size and strength.

The clear, smooth lines of the classic umbrella are always stylish and polished. With its traditional shape and pattern, the same umbrella will last you for years, never looking dated or showy. There is something cheerful about seeing an umbrella moving along the sidewalk on a gray, rainy day. With the present upsurge of the popularity of the umbrella, using a classic one will help you stay dry, professional and stylish when a sudden burst of rain comes up.

Popular Classic Umbrellas

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Leighton Classic Stick Umbrella
This classic umbrella by Leighton is notable for its extra water resistance capability provided by the polyester fabric with Teflon coating and the strong steel frame making it windproof as well. The manufacturer has tried to add the more solid look to its umbrella by furnishing it with the wooden handle accompanied with a narrow leather strip, which could be made a little bit more neatly though. The model has the convenient automatic opening mechanism and the moderate size arc (46-inch diameter). It is available in several colors.

London Fog Auto Stick Umbrella
This stylish auto open stick umbrella has 35" diameter when open and 48" length when folded. Its durable frame covered with polyester pongee has the basic wind resistance capabilities. The wood tip at the end of the umbrella won't be scuffed when being used as a cane thanks to the smaller metal tip over it. The model is available in a few different colors including black pattern one.

Leighton's Doorman Umbrella
The first thing you notice when you see this umbrella is its huge size. Indeed, its sturdy 60" canopy re-enforced with 16 ribs can cover a small family. At the same time, the size of this impressive model doesn't keep it from being nice and elegant. And with its crook handle made of genuine wood the umbrella is easy to carry around when closed or to use as a stylish walking cane. The only small imperfection we can mention is the unprotected wood cap at the end of the umbrella.

Totes Auto Open Stick Umbrella
This is a classic black auto open umbrella with a curved wood handle. Though this basic model may look not as impressive as some more expensive ones, its construction is pretty lightweight and durable. And, of course, this umbrella can easily provide full coverage in the rain. So, it is undoubtedly a good choice for its money.

GustBuster Classic Golf Umbrella
This 48-inch automatic umbrella is the best seller among the umbrellas with classic design. This is explained by the fact that, like all the umbrellas by GustBuster, it has the excellent wind-resistant capabilities. The College of Aeronautics has certified it to be able to withstand winds up to 55 mph. Its strong shaft is made of lightning-resistant fiberglass. This item comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. You can choose the color as well.