Choose a Floral Umbrella

Wild camomiles in the field

Many women have the basic black umbrella in their closet, but why not jazz up your wardrobe on rainy days by reaching for a pretty and unique floral umbrella?

Flowers on your umbrella provide a shot of much-needed sunshine and happiness on those days when the weather outside is drizzly and gray. We all know that feeling of stepping outside to find that the rain has washed away the color from the day. You can easily bring color back into your day and put a spring into your step while you are at it by opening up a bright canopy of flowers over your head. This kind of umbrella lifts your spirits and also those of those people around you. It also makes a nice impression in a sea of navy and black umbrellas.

There are many pretty patterns and flowers to choose from in today's marketplace, and they can be seen in the production of umbrellas. Raingear in general seems to have become more light-hearted. Rubber boots in bright colors or patterns are often the norm and are increasingly popular. Happily, umbrellas splashed with a pattern of lovely foliage, buds, and blossoms can easily compliment this trend. These kinds of umbrellas are more than just utilitarian tools that keep you from getting wet, they are also fashionable and fun accessories.

Explore how flowery umbrellas can make the rain an excuse to look extra pretty. Experiment with this fresh, updated take on your basic everyday umbrella, and create some color and sunniness around you even when the day is looking bleak outside. If the clouds overhead are threatening to sap the vibrancy out of your day or week, a great floral umbrella is the perfect way to express your positive outlook and to defy even the soggiest of grey days.

Popular Flower Umbrellas

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Galleria Gerbera Daisy Stick Umbrella
This floral stick umbrella by Galleria with the scallop edge has a 48" diameter when open. This is an interesting model with the delightful Gerbera flower on it, the durable opening mechanism and the polyester cover.

Galleria Sunflower Stick Umbrella
This is probably one of the most adorable floral umbrellas offered by Galleria, with the golden sunflower that will glow above your head to cheer you up on any rainy day. The umbrella has an oversized 48" arc, a nice long handle made of wood and the fiberglass ribs making it durable and sturdy.

Galleria Monet Poppy Stick Umbrella
This auto stick umbrella has the same quality construction as the ones above. The 48" arc looks beautiful with the pastel view of vibrant flowers covering the green field, creating the perfect combination of durability and elegant style.

InterestPrint Retro Style Travel Umbrella
The snazzy sunflower pattern on the white background creates a distinctive retro style of this umbrella. Furthermore, this exceptional floral design is expected to preserve its bright colors longer thanks to the heat sublimation printing technology applied by the manufacturer. This model has about 44 inch curve over the top size and comes in a foldable form factor.

Totes Floral Bubble Umbrella
This bubble umbrella looks like a specimen of those cute clear dome ones being that popular in 60's-70's. Its full size canopy can easily provide the cozy shelter from rain and even wind in the certain extent, and the warm colored flowers spread along its edge add the modest yet cheerful beauty to the otherwise transparent material.