Tips & Advice

Caring for a Vintage Umbrella

If you use your vintage umbrella as a fully functional means of protection from rain or sun but not just as a lovely part of inner decoration at a themed party, the chances are that you may need to clean it one day. It's worth to know that different fabrics may require different types of care.
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How to Store Your Umbrella

Actually, any umbrella requires the proper storage, not only a vintage one. There are a few ways to store umbrellas, each of them has its own peculiarities. Choosing the most suitable one, as well as drying your umbrella correctly, can affect its service lifetime and your overall convenience.
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When the Umbrella Breaks

If your original antique umbrella breaks, it can be a good idea to send it to a professional for repair when the fragile nature makes it tricky to repair on your own – though some vintage umbrellas can be surprisingly sturdier than the modern ones. It's worth mentioning that people involved in the art of umbrella repair, whether vintage or modern, are a dying breed. On the positive side, you still can be able to fix some issues with your umbrella with the proper effort and care.
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Where to Repair Your Umbrella

No matter you have an old antique masterpiece or a modern reproduction you like, you may want it to be repaired by a true craftsman. Whenever that is a broken rib, bent shaft, or torn fabric, you might want to take a look at our recommendations about choosing a proper place for fixing it.
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Gracious and Easy Umbrella Etiquette

With the world changing so quickly around us, it may sometimes seem that there's no place in our lives for such an outdated thing as the umbrella etiquette any longer. However, after taking a closer look at these simple yet gentle rules, most people will surely find it quite natural to follow them.
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