Where to Repair Your Umbrella

Nowadays, there are not many companies specializing in umbrella repairs. We are living in the world of disposable things, where most people prefer just buying a new umbrella when the old one breaks. However, it's not a case with an expensive vintage umbrella, maybe even of sentimental value that is no longer manufactured. If your umbrella is broken and you cannot handle this yourself or simply don't have time for this, you can try to find a company or a person experienced in such sort of work.

  • The first choice is usually to contact the manufacturer about sending it back to them for fixing or even replacement if that is appropriate for you, as many eminent brands do take care of their umbrellas and may even provide the lifetime warranty.
  • It is close to impossible to find a real umbrella repairman nowadays, but if you are lucky enough to get in touch with a professional who has devoted his life to this slowly disappearing art of repair, like Gilbert Center in New York, or Thierry Millet in Paris, then it is an excellent solution.
  • You can also proceed with asking about such a service in your local umbrella store, as they probably deal a lot with damaged of faulty umbrellas and can direct you to the service they use.
  • Another way is to head to a shoe repair service, or some universal repair place. They often provide the miscellaneous services like key cutting, and are able to take care of an your torn purse strap or a broken luggage wheel, so there's a chance that they may help you with fixing your umbrella as well.

Anyway, when restoring a truly unique item, it may be worth to ask a master how far he wants to go with that, which parts can be fixed and which ones need to be replaced entirely. An expert can usually give a quick answer helping you get some insight on the expected result in case of complex umbrella restoration.

Below you can see a few people and companies we know about that can help with repairing your umbrella.

United States

New York

  • Gilbert Center

    154 East 8th Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11218

    Mr. Gilbert Center, the umbrella man featured by New York Press, is probably the best umbrella master out there. If you are ever in Brooklyn, the borough of New York City he resides in, you have a unique chance to ask him to repair your vintage item.


British Columbia

  • Barrington Brolly

    664 Bay Road
    Gibsons, BC V0N 1V8
    Full contacts

    Joan Barrington, the owner of Barrington Brolly, has been in business of making custom umbrellas and hand-held parasols since 1995. In addition to the design and manufacture of these unique pieces of art, Joan also provides the repair services – not only for her own creations but, when possible, even for umbrellas and parasols not purchased from Barrington Brolly. There is a restriction, however – only antiques are taken for repair due to the delicate and time-consuming nature of certain fixes that may be involved.

  • The Umbrella Shop

    526 West Pender Street
    Vancouver, BC V6B 1V3
    Full contacts

    The Umbrella Shop is the family run business with the long and rich history that manufactures and sells a wide variety of products since 1935. The company also deals with umbrella repairs – the corresponding repair policy details regarding the umbrellas not purchased from them are disclosed on their FAQ page.

If you know about any other umbrella repair places, please tell us, so we could share them with others!