How to Store Your Umbrella

Antique style umbrella holder

When it's raining, most people use umbrellas to stay dry. However, a lot of people don't have a good place to store their umbrellas to keep their floors and other possessions free of water damage. When you arrive at your destination with your wet umbrella, first of all, try shaking it out so that you track as little water inside as possible. Then, place your umbrella in its designated storage area.

Umbrella racks are generally included on hall trees and coat racks. There are often hooks closer to the floor to hang your umbrellas on, keeping the wet umbrellas away from your coats and jackets. These are great for keeping your coats dry, but the umbrellas can drip water onto your floor. If you have carpet or wood floors, they could sustain water damage over a long period of time. If you have tile floors, they likely won't get damaged, but people could slip on a puddle created by a hanging wet umbrella.

Umbrella stands and bins keep your floor and other possessions dry. These are freestanding structures that are often cylindrical in shape. They usually have a solid bottom, which keeps the water from your umbrellas from getting on your floor. This prevents you from having to repair or replace your floors in the future and helps protect anyone from slipping.

Another popular place for storing umbrellas is outside on the front porch. Not everyone has an area outside their door to store their umbrellas, but if you do, it is recommended. The chance of water getting on your floors goes down significantly if umbrellas are stored outside. While the ventilated place is effective for drying, it should be also protected from direct sunlight to keep fabric colors from fading. You can place an umbrella rack, stand or bin outside as well. This will give you and your guests a clear place for umbrella storing when coming into your home or place of business.

While the above-mentioned points are true from your convenience and flooring safety perspective, you should also take in account that putting a completely furled wet umbrella without getting it dry first can be not that ideal from your umbrella service life perspective. Though even some modern manufacturers mention this aspect, this especially concerns the certain types of fabrics used in some vintage umbrellas that may be susceptible to wet rotting. So, if you have the possibility to keep your valuable umbrella semi-open for some time before closing it, this can help making its lifetime longer. Pay attention that the umbrella should not be kept completely open as well while getting dry, as this can lead to fabric excessive tension.